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By 2006, After 16 years as a Creative Director and Designer, photography was at first a sideline, a way of recording visual notes of the amazing world around me to be used in other forms of art and design. It wasn't long before I began to find aspects within my captures that I felt were finished pieces in themselves and have been passionately pursuing photography as my personal expression ever since.

My photography draws from a long history as a visual artist in many mediums, from painting to design. I work to present the world around me as I feel it internally. From the smallest hidden detail to wide breathtaking expanses, quiet and delicate fragments of nature to abstractions found in everyday things; these are the cherished slices of my most inner emotional response to the multi-faceted wonder of the world around us.


My main Design + Photography home: serves as my hub for my Graphic Design portfolio and Photography.

My flickr photo blog often contains images that may not make it here and you can find my Facebook Fan page here.

Based in Portland, Oregon